Convertible Note Review


Our goal is to ensure that you fully understand your convertible note agreement and feel confident about what you're signing.

With our service, you'll get a comprehensive review of your convertible note agreement. Our team of experts will go through the document line by line, highlighting key terms and conditions, potential risks, and areas that might need further clarification or negotiation.

What do you receive ?
  • Detailed Review: We'll review your convertible note agreement in detail, explaining the implications of key clauses and terms.

  • Risk Highlighting: We'll highlight any potential risks or pitfalls, such as the power of the debt holder to extend the maturity date or the implications of 'no bad actor' disqualification rules.

  • Recommendations: We'll provide recommendations on areas that might need further negotiation or clarification.

  • Optional - Follow-up Consultation: After the review, we can have a follow-up consultation where we can answer any questions you might have and discuss next steps.